April 7th 2017 Update
At Last we have a nest. See Latest for all the updates


Ayrshire Bird Box

blue tit in nest bird box with camera in stevenston ayrshire

Welcome to this website which aims to tell the story of the bird box in our back garden in Stevenston, Ayrshire. The box was fitted to the back wall of our garage in late April last year, 2010. This was too late to entice any birds to nest during 2010, and remained empty until October 2010 when a blue tit was noticed entering the box. This bird has visited most days and roosted in the box until now. (March 2011) There have also been visits from at least one other blue tit.

As the bird did not nest in the west facing position in 2011 the box was moved to an easterly position during September 2011, and a new bird started roosting here during November 2011, and we hope to see a nest this year ( 2012 )

bird box situated in stevenston ayrshireThis website will keep you up to date with any future events, and will answer some interesting questions very soon.

Will the bird find a mate who will build a nest in the bird box?
Will there be any eggs?
If so, how many?
Will all the eggs hatch?
How many chicks will there be?

Keep looking into the website for up to date information, and find the answers to these questions. Hopefully we could see a nest being built within the next few weeks or even days.

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